My Best-Friend 

You were supposed to be my best friend! 
You knew be better that anybody and swore you would always be by my side. My and my family were on the outs you would take me out and we would ride to the ends of the earth. Until the wheels fell off. Until there was nowhere else to go. You always would know me. And show me that

You were supposed to be my BEST FRIEND

Answering my calls and cries. Never infusing your truths with lies. Always see you laters, never goodbyes. And I tried to be there for you. But you kept me arms length. Never allowing me close enough to show you my strength and that I was good enough. 

You were SUPPOSED to be my best friend…

But you don’t hurt somebody you love, right. Crying my self to sleep at night trying to figure out should I leave or fight. And I froze. Because

YOU were supposed to be MY best friend 

Yet you hurt me now even worse than you hurt me then and it’s all by fault because all I do is sit around and pretend like everything is fine. Something that it hasn’t been for a long time. Because you proved to be that one thing you’d never be was mine even though that’s all we discussed. 

As we lay in the moonlight. With one arm wrapped around me and the other caressing my cheek. I wonder what others could there be but you. I would have travelled to the end of the earths for you and remained yours. 

But all I seem to be doing is running in place. Stuck in the habit of giving you more of me than you deserve. 

You WERE supposed to be my best friend 


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