Lesson learned

“Let’s just say, I love chocolate. Always have since I was younger. Snicker bars, to be exact. And that’s all I ate – day in and day out.

Until eventually, eating Snicker Bars started making my teeth hurt. So I went to the dentist.

The dentist told me that if I don’t stop eating Snicker Bars, I’ll lose al of my teeth and I won’t be able to enjoy any kinds of sweets.

So for a while, I listened. No Snicker Bars. I even tried a Twix and a Hershey every now and then.

They were good. But in my mind, the Snicker Bar was always the best; even though it hurt to eat them.

So, one day I went against doctors orders and tried a Snicker Bar. Even better than I remembered.

So, I went back to the routine of eating Snicker Bars regularly, while also dabbling with a Twix or a Hershey Bar every now and then.

Upon my next Dentist visit, I was told I could no longer eat any sweets.

I was told that eating the Snicker Bars the way that I had been caused me to have to have all of my teeth removed.

To this day, I think of how good the Snicker Bar was; but then I look at all of the other candies and I know that I’ll never be able to enjoy them at all.

All because I allowed one candy bar to ruin it for the rest…

If it’s not good for you, let it go


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