She knows him.

He knows she’s not from around here, but can’t quite place her. Her mind expands beyond the boundaries of the land she currently resides in.
Beauty from a world other than her own and she knows it.
Her mind is from France. Delicate, sweet, and alluring. Yet, dangerously deep and twisted.
She has a way with words that are completely opposite of her actions. Complete sweet manipulation is what he sees in her. And it’s the tests she gives him that make or break this.
He knows her. He thinks he had her figures out. Yet he hasn’t come close to uncovering the complicated mass that is her mind. He’s lost and has yet to make is past the first loop. He doesn’t realize this and swears beyond a doubt that he knows her.
And that’s how she has him.
She knows more about him than he does her.
Just by the way he watches her and thinks it’s done secretly.
She knows how to get a reaction and uses this to her advantage.
He thinks he knows her.
But he’s wrapped around her finger.


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