Ready or Not

You can’t run from me.
I’ll always find you. But it’s amazing, this little game of chase we’re attempting to play.
Truthfully, I’d be able to pick you out of a crowd of 1 million. Because you’d be that one attempting to escape. Thinking that you’re “blending in” but I’ll always find you.
Half way across the world you receive my letter, thinking that you’ve somehow managed to dodge me.
That’s not so.
I can tell you that you questioned the tomatoes you added to your omlett this morning and that you couldn’t find your favorite pair of jeans.
Probably because you wore then 3 days ago and they’re sitting at the bottom of your hamper.
I know your moves before you make them. So there isn’t a place in this world that you can go that I won’t know of.
You’re always being watched.
I thought maybe you’d find comfort in that. It’s not just for my tastes… it’s for your protection, right?
Someone always watching you to know what dangers are coming your way.
I can help you with that. But instead, you’re running from me.
It’s okay though. I’ll enjoy this game of cat and mouse.
But I know how it’s going to end already.


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