You’ve been Read

I see you clearly. All of you. The fact that you don’t know your full potential is mind blowing. You’re beautiful, talented, smart, sassy. Gifted in more ways than God himself intended for you to be.
You’re amazingly ordinary. The most beautiful not-so-plain-jane. You’re a conundrum. You wear so much emotion and passion on your sleeves that the world will swear that it knows you. Everyone will insist that you are an open book. The actuality is, yes, you are an open book; but you control what is read by who. You control what page each person in your life reads. You decide if they advance to the next chapter or not and I find that to be the most beautiful aspect of you. People not knowing the kind of mystery that you are.
You think quickly on your feet. Quicker than even you, yourself, realize.
You’re a silent force. Your mind packs invisible punches to the intellect of others. They never know what hit them. They never know your train of thought.
You rarely even know your own train of thought and that trait alone captivates my soul. It draws me to you. Your mind is this blinding light. Only the brave dare go there. Only those that are up for a challenge such as yourself. You are capable of destroying everyone in your path. And no one is aware of the danger that they are in.


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