Excerpt 1.0 Letters from YouR.S.

I watch you without you even knowing that I watch you. Concentrating hard on your every move. That way I am able to better predict your next move. I see you. You don’t even know I’m there, but you are seen. I can probably tell you that you didn’t drink enough water yesterday and your favorite food changes daily. I’ve watched you so long. I could probably tell you what your next meal was going to be before you even know it. I’ve kissed you. In my dreams and in yours. You lay awake at night, and once you have drifted off, soundly, into a deep and undisturbable slumber, I kiss you goodnight. And right before the sun touches the horizon, I kiss you good morning. In my dreams and in yours. I’ve touched you. Only as a passerby in the streets. You grazed my shoulder with yours. Gently..  and turned around and spoken with the voice of an angel, “I’m sorry”
I’m sorry… I’m sorry… those words repeat in my head… I’m sorry.
I’m sorry. And me only replying “don’t worry” as you walked away going around the corner to your favorite bookstore. Don’t worry because you have no reason to worry. You are perfect my dear. You are. The grazed sleeve hangs on my wall. Never again to be touched my another. Never washed. It smells faintly of the lime and coconut shampoo you use.
And you don’t know me. I’m that undistinguished face in the crowd. Blending, falling in line with everyone just so I can notice you. I watch you without you even knowing. You are seen. And you my sweet are mine.
Signed, youR.S.


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