“You look like an A+,” she told him.
“I mean, honestly, I’ve had C and B- guys. And they looked like C and B- guys, so I wasn’t let down with them. They didn’t surprise me or disappoint me.”
She picked up what had to be her 6th long island  and took a long drink.
He was surprised she wasn’t slurring her words and falling all over the floor.
She seemed so well put together and unphased by the colossal amounts of alcohol that was invading her system.
the only thing loose about her was her thoughts.
“But you,” she grinned, “you look like you’d know what you’re doing.”
She stood up from the stool, stumbling a bit but catching herself immediately like it was just a missed step.
“You look like an A+.”
He laughed loudly at her, “you’re drunk. I’m taking you home.”
“Yes, I am drunk,” she admitted proudly.
He could tell she doesn’t do this often. Yet, she was composed.
“I’m drunk and you’re not taking advantage of me. That’s how I know you’re an A+.”
He gave her a confused look, “what exactly is an ‘A+’?”
“It means you’re a good guy.”
“You’re okay with a girl calling you at 3 in the morning to come and pick her up from a bar where she has gotten completely drunk. You allow her to continue drinking and talking about her shitty life while you listen and sip you’re water with lemon.”
He chuckled and took another sip of his water… with lemon.
“That’s good to know,” he said.
“And you’re probably incredible in bed,” she said nonchalantly sitting back down. “You look like sex in jeans.”
He spat out his water.
“But I couldn’t have sex with you. All because you’re an A+”
“That makes no sense,” he said, wiping water off of the counter.
She was CLEARLY drunk.
“If I have sex with you, I’ll start to like you more than I already do. And then you start to like me and it’ll… can I have another drink?”
“No, you get water,” he said adamantly. He wanted to hear the rest of her explanation. She had basically just admitted to liking him AND wanting to have sex with him in the same statement.
But… she was also drunk.
The bartender brought the water, “would you like the bill?” She asked.
“Yea…” He reached in his pocket and pulled out his card. “Just use this.”
He turned back to her, “drink this.”
“A+’s aren’t supposed to be bossy,” she wagged her finger in his face.
“Finish your story,” he laughed while basically shoving the straw in her mouth.”
“Oh..  yea…,” she took a forced gulp of water. “It’ll become a thing. And I’ll hurt you.”
“What makes you think you’ll hurt me,” he asked her.
He didn’t believe someone with a soul as beautiful as hers could ever hurt anyone.
“Because you’re an A+,” she sighed. “And I’ll hurt you before you get the chance to hurt me. Be it intentional or not, you’d hurt me eventually, and I’d end up right back where I am now.”
She layed her head on his shoulder and immediately started snoring.
“And I’ll be right here with you again,” he said finally understanding her reason for being alone tonight in this bar. “I’ll be that A+ that fixes any bumps and bruises that I cause.”
They both sat there for fora while.
Her in an intoxicated slumber and him assessing the conversation that they just had,that she may or may not remember when we woke up.
But he’d be her A+… and he’d be there.


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