Yea I kissed her. And she was gentle. Lips so soft… And she was my first. I had always been curious but had always planned on that staying a curiosity. I wanted to leave it a mystery because I enjoyed the thoughts of what if and the secret fantasies.

Is that what you wanted to hear? That we kissed and I liked it? That with each second we were joined at the lips, my fears and insecurities went away. She gripped my waist… I guess sensing that I was a little uneasy and so as to keep me there. But I wouldn’t stop… I COULDN’T!!! I was trapped in a place where I could see no exit…  Couldn’t even find the way I entered. All I could do was let her… And I did

I let her touch me… and yes SHE touched ME! Touched me like my body was pure and sacred. Examined me like I was a piece of art and she was trying to find the meaning behind it all…  Making my every flaw perfect. Her touch was soft… Just like her kiss. Sensual and addictive as she explored what was underneath my clothing. I watched her as her eyes hungered more and more with each inch of flesh revealed. And she did this S L O W L Y.

You want to know if I enjoyed myself! Is that correct? You want to know if her kiss and her touch made me feel WANTED and NEEDED… Made me want more…

I touched her back… I’m assuming you want to hear that to. Her skin was like silk… So smooth and graceful and…….. intoxicating. I mean… I don’t drink… I’ve never been drunk. But if ever that time comes, I hope it feels like that. I hope it feels… like I’m falling. And can’t seem to stop. Like I’m in a deep sleep and can’t seem to awaken even though I’m well aware of what’s going on in my surroundings.

I knew you were there. Watching me the whole time. Face lit up like a 3-year-old who gets to open presents early for Christmas. entranced by everything you were witnessing yet not believing it was really happening… Because it never happened…

Because this was all just to get your ATTENTION 🙂


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