The beauty of fiction

Somebody asked me the other day a question that i’ve never in my life thought that i’d have to answer. They asked me why I chose to read fiction novels instead of nonfiction… The question stomped me because I wasnt able to provide an answer. Well not just one anyways…

Fiction, for me, is like an escape from the nonfictional abyss in which I am Involuntarily residing in… Everything around me is real… Is set in stone. I cant change it… I cant stop it… I cant restart and pay more attention to all the details that I missed on my first journey through. with fiction, there is no “this is how it was and so this is how it shall stay forever and for eternity”. There is no “this happened here and couldnt have happened anywhere else.”
There is ALWAYS the possibility that something more exciting will happen. ALWAYS the possibility that things are not as they seem to be.
fiction, Starting with talking trains and little animals that serve green eggs and ham, has always opened up the minds of the reader… Captivating the attention of future thinkers and writers and readers and doctors and teachers.
Fiction isn’t just a genre… Its a way of life… A means of living… A way,to escape the “saneness” of this “logical” and “factual” world that we call “our” society. Hahaha unlike NONfiction… It can take you anywhere… Even to the made up world of narnia when you have so much as budged from your back yard.

Nonfiction is so factual and concise while fiction is……….

Its whatever you want it to be 🙂


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