Self evaluation #2

“It’s gotten to the point where I’m afraid you’ll let me go. I’m afraid you’ll leave me broken and alone. So, leaving you is the only way to hold onto the only ounce of myself that I have left.”
“But you won’t let me. You love me and drain every drop of individuality – every drop of sanity – from my soul. You said once that you like to see my eyes light up. That they lit up with light and life. And now you’re replacing my light with your dark. I’m becoming you.”
“IL NEVER love you again if you don’t let me walk away now.”
He released his grip on her hand, never breaking eye contact. Allowing her to see that she had just broken him – allowing get to feel his draining hope.
He knew everything she had said was true. He was turning her into a zombie; just going through life-like motions and not actually living.
He was the problem. He was holding her back. And he was hurting her.
Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath and walked out the door without a word.
And just like that… it was done.
But she hurt like hell.


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