Second place

I applaud you. Your ability to seek love in the most dangerous way. To try and steal the heart that has already been given away. You’re strong, determined. Selfish love. I believe that’s what it’s called. Loving and not caring who gets hurt. Crushing all of those in the path that leads you to where you want to be… even if it’s not where you belong.
I applaud your strength. Your perseverance. Being let down time and time again by someone who can commit… but not to you. You’re bruised and banged and beat. But your heart is breath takingly beautiful. And all it wants is to be loved by the one who could never FULLY be yours. You understand the risk that you’re taking. You comprehend well that you are trying to win a race that has already been won. Quitting just isn’t in your nature. I applaud you. I commend your ability to stay broken and weakened… but in a strong way. You get weaker the more you fight. But you fight. You don’t give up. That’s not love… not the right kind of love. But you accept it anyway. You settle for half-ass, half-way, second seat love. Less than great, amateur, mediocre love.  The kind that leaves a bitter, colorless taste in your mouth. You’ll see that… but only after it’s too late.
I applaud you.  I applaud your ability to settle when you know you deserve better. Knowing you will NEVER be first. I applaud your acceptance of failure.


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