Old Friends (originally called “It’s Been A While”)

Lunch room days
Basketball games
Guy pains
A constant change
In atmosphere
In attitude
There for the good and the bad news
You stayed true to me
When I needed you most you were there to comfort me
You helped me through all times and helped me keep my sanity
You were the shoulder I cried on
The friend I could always rely on
Because you were always there

It’s been a while… But I haven’t forgotten

More than a friend
My confedant
My pick me up
My stop and flaunt
What you got because you’re beautiful anyway
Made me feel beautiful every day
Made me smile when my soul was grey
You never ran away
You were more than my friend
You held the lock and key to all of my misery and my demise
Always real, never in disguise
Helping me rise to any challenge
Making sure I kept my balance and never fell
You wouldn’t let me fail

It’s been a while… But I haven’t forgotten

And even though you’re only a phone call away
And I can call you any day
I’m not sure of what I’d say
Because we’ve spent so much time away from each other
How does one reignite the flame that was once lit my the other
We can’t pick up where we left off…
So much has changed
Too much has changed
We’ve grown our separate ways

It’s been while… But I haven’t forgotten


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