All I can do…

1:13 pm Saturday
I watch you stand and wait by the door with your bags packed
Your eyes full of cheer and glee
And all you can think is “She’s coming for me”
And it shows on your face
You’re ready to leave this place
And race into the arms of the one who bore you
Claiming to adore you
And promising to one day come and take you away to a place you will know as your home

3:36 pm Saturday
You wait and watch
Wondering what time “soon” really is
I watch you standing there becoming restless
Your fingers fiddling with a necklace
That was mailed not handed
Price tag pulled off in hopes to be used as a bandage
Fo ra little girls heart that was damaged
By the one who claims to love her most

7:32 pm Saturday
You’ve gone from standing to sitting
Your smile is gone
With every passing minute, I see the light dim in your eyes
Where there was once light, a grey cloud lies
It blocks out the sunshine
More and more over time
You look at the clock
And who would have thought it would hurt so bad
That it would make you so sad to feel forgotten

8:16 pm Saturday
The sun has gone down and you’re hoping that promise
was not in vain
I sit in my chair wanting to fix it
To mend your heart where there seems to be a huge dent
I want you to run into my arms and
I make it all okay
And make the hurt go away
And show you that you are loved
you ARE loved

11:29 pm Saturday
As your tears fall heavily, my heart grows heavier
I hold you tightly as you cry on my shoulder
I want to tell you that you’ll understand when you’re older
That time can heal all pain
And warn you not to
Get your hopes up so high again
Because you’ll only be let down
But I will always be around to wipe your tears
And through all of your future years
I’ll love you like you should be
But I’m hoping you won’t hold it against me
If I don’t speak up
I have to wait until YOU’VE had enough
But until then, All I can give you is my love

To my niece ❤


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